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Community Meal, Tuesday, Oct. 4 2016 at the Second Congregational Church, Greenfield

  • Community Meal, Tuesday, Oct. 4 at the Second Congregational Church, Greenfield


Again it will be our privilege and  responsibility to provide the Community Meal (main dish, salad, dessert) for approximately 80 people  at the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield  on Oct. 4, 2016  There will be a sign-up sheet in the church foyer as usual on 25th and 2nd.


However, should you be unavailable to sign-up on the 25th or 2nd and would like to contribute, please email me, Nancy Durham,  at  or call at 665-2091 and I will sign you up for  whatever type dish you wish to contribute.  Also I will gladly receive a frozen dish from you, bake it,  and take it to the meal.

Monetary donations are also appreciated as we must provide milk, juices, bread, butter, etc. for each meal.


Food will be picked up outside the church at 4:30 to be delivered by 4:45 to give it sufficient heating  time.  If you can help serve, please be at the church by 5:00.


Your help is very needed and appreciated by the receiving people.


The Mission Committee